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We buy most cleaning machines and are currently in need of the machines listed below.

Where can you sell your cleaning machines that you don't need anymore?

Have you just lost a contract and need to sell off your old machines?

Have you bought a new machine/s and need to dispose of your old machine/s? - We may be able to collect this for you for free, and maybe even pay you for it!

We always need more floor cleaners.

We buy floor scrubbers, scrubber dryers, sweepers, carpet cleaners, pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, wet vacs, buffers, in fact any type of floor cleaning machines you need to sell.


Tennant machines we need are:

Tennant T3 S/Dryers (working or not)

Tennant T5 S/Dryers (working or not)

Tennant 5680 pedestrian scrubber dryers (working or not)

Tennant T7 ride on scrubber dryers (working or not)

Tennant 7100 ride on scrubber dryers (working or not)

Tennant T15 ride on scrubber dryer (working or not)

Nilfisk machines we need are:

Nilfisk SDH5120 buffer / burnisher (working or not)

   Nilfisk AX410 carpet extraction cleaner (working or not)

Nilfisk SW700 or SW750 pedestrian sweeper (working or not)

Nilfisk SR1000S ride on sweeper (working or not)

Nilfisk SR1450 ride on sweeper (working or not)

Hako machines we need are:

Hako Jonas 900 or 980 ride on sweeper 2004 onwards (working or not)

Hako B750R ride on S/Dryer any age and condition (working or not)

Comac machines we need are:

Comac Vispa scrubber dryer (working or not)

Fimap machines we need are:

Fimap Genie scrubber dryer (working or not)

Fimap My16 scrubber dryers (working or not)

Fimap MMg or Mg ride on scrubber dryers 2005 onwards (working or not)

Numatic machines we need are:

Numatic carpet cleaners & wet vacs (preferably working)

Numatic TT3450, TTB3450, TTB4552 scrubber dryers blue models only (working or not)

Victor machines we need are:

Victor Sprite 300, 400, 450 scrubbers and buffers 2002 onwards (working or not)

Battery Chargers wee need:

Any small lightweight battery chargers, mostly 24v or 36volts - 8amps to 60amps (working)